Marie Hopkinson

Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist

Marie is an experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner both a herbalist and acupuncturist. Initially studying in Perth, Marie went on to study at Hangzhou TCM Hospital and then completing a Masters of International Health at Curtin Uni. In recent years Marie has been studying Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine, taught by Arnaud Versluys through ICEAM.  

Marie is also a lecturer in Chinese Medicine and social science and student clinic supervisor, currently at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Perth.

In addition to Classical herbal medicine, Marie has a special interest in Chinese Diet Therapy- the branch of Chinese medicine concerned with prevention and treatment of symptoms with food.


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Years clinical experience

Initial Consultation includes

This takes a few minutes each side, common responses by patients experiencing pulse diagnosis for the first time is that it seems like a long time to take the pulse. 

In Chinese Medicine there are around 28 different kinds of pulses – these are different shapes, speed, length and depth. There are also 3 different positions on each wrists, 3 different depths as well as different organs represented on each wrist – so it’s much more complicated than simply counting the number of beats per minute. It takes years of attention to study and practice to become skilled enough to ascertain the right information.

Patients usually come in with a problem they want treated.  This can be a symptom or a biomedically diagnosed health condition / disease. There are some conditions that Chinese medicine can help with very well and others where certain aspects of the condition are able to be treated. Marie will discuss the options with you, and how Chinese medicine may help you given your individual circumstances. 

Some patients see Marie for prevention and health promotion. It’s ok if your symptoms are only minor or you are seeking health promotion with herbs and acupuncture, your pulse diagnosis will be enough to work out the best formula to promote yang and function. 

These can often seen unrelated, but in Chinese medicine’s wholistic view, there are many systems that have an inter-related aspect in your body.  You should feel free to tell your practitioner about all your symptoms, no matter how minor or insignificant they may seem to you. 

After Marie has worked out your diagnosis and discussed the treatment plan with you, there may be some relevant diet and lifestyle advice to assist your recovery and ongoing health. 

Marie aims to make your acupuncture a pleasant, relaxing experience.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile single-use needles into specific sites (acu-points). During the treatment you should feel a sensation such as tingling, numbness, dull ache or heaviness in the area or traveling around your body. Many people experience a an acupuncture high after treatment. This is typically a pleasant, deeply relaxed, light headed or floating sensation. We encourage you to tell your practitioner how you feel during treatment, so to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Registered Acupuncturists follow strict hygiene principals and only use single-use sterile needles.

While your lying down with your acupuncture treatment (or while you wait) Marie will review your case and  formulate your individual herbal prescription. Each formula is written specifically for each patient. Marie only uses Classical herbal formulas following the ICEAM Lineage style of herbal medicine. 

Chinese herbal medicine comes in many forms. Marie’s practice usually is dispensed in the form of concentrated granule herbs, sometimes hand-made (In Australia) Pills and powders of raw herbs are dispensed.

The format we make up your herbs are to maximise the efficacy and potency, and to make sure its workable into your lifestyle to take the herbs as you need to. 

Granules and powdered herbs are pretty easy to take, and often only require some hot water to be mixed into the powder, so you can take them to work with you or on your travels etc.

Marie will discuss the herbs and how to take them during your consultation time, before we make up your formula you will be fully informed how to take them.

Your Appointment

Please allow one hour for an initial appointment including Acupuncture treatment. The consultation usually takes about 30 minutes, and the treatment also about 30 minutes. Repeat patients please allow 45 minutes to one hour. Usually more time for treating and less time for talking is part of regular appointments.