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Marie knows Chinese medicine can be a confusing to understand as a westerner, even many Chinese people struggle to understand the medical concepts of this ancient healing technique. 

That’s why Marie has come up with the Self-Help Toolkit, to help people like you work out if Chinese Medicine is going to be right for you. 

Learn about the healing power of plants - Chinese Herbs and how a practitioner uses your pulse diagnosis to work out your unique formula.

Learn about the potential of the environment to cause illness in our body. Particularly how we can prevent cold and flu's, and strengthen resistance.

Learn about healthy diet through interactive video presentations. Marie will explain the basic concepts of healthy diet, and send you a bunch of useful recipies.

Learn about the healthy indicators of digestion, and how you can improve your bowels and gut-health with Chinese medicine self help tools.

Claim your Free Self-Help Toolkit Today

Find out if Chinese Medicine might be right for you, as Marie takes you on a journey of self discovery through the world of Chinese Medicine.

The Self-Help Toolkit

Learn about the application of Chinese Medicine to your unique mind and body

The self help toolkit is based on 19+ years of clinical practice, where Marie has identified the most effective ways Chinese medicine self-help tools can be applied. 


Learn about yourself & about Chinese medicine. 

You will get a start-up tool kit and then each week Marie will send you new tools to help keep yourself healthy. Sign up today to get started…

The self-help Toolkit will help you work out if Chinese medicine is right for you.

Marie Hopkinson

After 18 years of practice, Ive realised there are so many people who could benefit from Chinese medicine, but many don’t get the chance to discover it. Maybe this is because there is a lack of understanding of what Chinese medicine is, and how it actually works.

That’s why I’ve put together this self help toolbox, to help people like you understand more about the philosophy of Chinese Medicine and how it might apply to your unique situation.

Or, you can just book an appointment for your individual consultation with Marie now. 

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By downloading the Self Help Toolkit, you will be able to learn about concepts of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, herbs, acupressure, prevention strategies, living in harmony with the season and environment around you – all that is tailored in an individual way to you. 

The Self-Help Toolkit is designed to give you the resource to decide if Chinese medicine is right for you, while you discover more about your own body and mental health through the window of Chinese Medicine.