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Introducing a new service

Acupuncture and Herbs Perth

Due to popular demand, Dr Marie Hopkinson (Chinese Medicine Doctor) is now offering one-on-one online consultations to any clients world wide.

This service can be used for a number of options:

  • Second opinion
  • Personal discussion about your Chinese medicine diagnosis
  • Food Therapies – using Chinese diet therapy in your individual situation including styles of cooking, foods and herbs to include in diet /recipes. (Note, Dr Marie does not provide meal plans)
  • one-on-one Student discussion about concepts of Chinese medicine, or help with studying Acupuncture / Chinese herbal medicine.
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What to Expect – About Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tele-Health

It’s important that you are fully informed about how your consultation with Dr Marie can fit into your overall health care strategy.

Depending on the urgency of your health situation and your location, it is possible for Dr Marie to offer you primary care herbal medicine. In many cases, Dr Marie will recommend a referral to a local practitioner for ongoing treatment after the initial online consultation.

Dr Marie practices a form of Chinese herbal medicine that is highly reliant on the pulse diagnosis.

Symptoms are also used to form the diagnostic picture, and often the first one or two herbal formulas can be prescribed without using pulse, but patients accessing Marie Hopkinson for Tele-health need to be aware that referral to a similarly trained herbal medicine practitioner may be necessary for optimal results.

There can also be issues with obtaining the herbal formulas in your country, including customs issues with importing a one-off formula. 

Patients in Australia can have herbal formulas posted out from Marie’s clinic or our Australian supplier no problem. Please allow 1 week for a formula to arrive at your place since Marie’s clinic is in Perth (WA).

USA, Europe, Canada, India, UK – Herbs can be posted to you, around $20AUD postage fee. It can take up to 3 weeks for a parcel to arrive and your local customs may have its own clearance times. 

Outside of Australia – please discuss your location with Marie prior to your online appointment.

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The booking calendar above will automatically convert to your time zone.

Online Consultation Times

The online booking service will show Marie’s appointment availability in your time zone , but as a rough guide, the following times are available:

GMT + 8 Mondays 10am – 9pm


Some timezone conversions:

London 2am Sunday – 1pm Monday

New York / Canada 9pm Sunday – 8am Monday

Sydney 1pm Monday  – 11pm Monday

New Delhi India – 7:30am Monday – 6:30pm Monday

China – same time zone (10am – 9pm) Monday


Wednesdays 6pm – 10pm (GMT +8)

Some timezone conversions:

London 10am – 2pm Wednesday

New York / Canada 5am – 9am Wednesday

Sydney 9pm- 1am Wednesday

New Delhi India – 3.30pm -7:30pm  Wednesday –


China – same time zone – 6pm – 10pm Wednesday

More about Dr Marie Hopkinson (Chinese medicine doctor)

Marie is an experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner both a herbalist and acupuncturist. Initially studying in Perth, Marie went on to study at Hangzhou TCM Hospital and then completing a Masters of International Health at Curtin University in 2006. In recent years Marie has been studying Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine, taught by Arnaud Versluys through ICEAM.  Marie holds a Diplomate of Cannonical Chinese medicine from the Institute of Classical East Asian Medicine (ICEAM).

Dr Marie is also a lecturer in Chinese Medicine and social science and clinic supervisor, currently at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Perth, Australia. Marie has over 10 years experience in teaching and clinical supervision of student practitioners.

In addition to Classical herbal medicine, Marie has a special interest in Chinese Diet Therapy- the branch of Chinese medicine concerned with prevention and treatment of symptoms with food.

Marie runs a successful YouTube channel and Audio podcast called Chinese medicine podcast, which is dedicated to helping laypeople understand Chinese medicine and assist students with their Chinese medicine study journey through the empowerment of education.