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stop stress with these free tools

Learn 3 Easy things you can do (that are FREE) to stop stress and reduce the feelings stress does to our body using the wonderful world of Chinese Medicine.

This video address the super common pattern of disharmony known as “Liver Qi Stagnation” , gives food, acupressure, exercise and mental health support activities for stress.

What is Pulse Diagnosis?

One way your body can communicate with your practitioner directly is by pulse diagnosis. 

Using a complex and systematic approach that relates directly to the Han Dynasty texts of Classical Chinese medicine, a practitioner feels the changes on the wrist pulse. The different shapes and changes of the radial artery reflect a snapshot of your body like a moment in time.  

The pulse is seen as the most accurate reflection of the effects of illness, and the state of your bodies yang, organs and  functional systems.


The pulse reflects everything that has affected your body at that moment – food, medication you’ve taken, stress, impact of the environment and your genetic makeup (constitution).

What's a Normal Menstrual Cycle in Chinese Medicine?

Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Marie Hopkinson explains what’s a normal period – how many days should it be and how do you work it out? Marie gives you a general overview of the Chinese medicine view of the 4 different weeks of the Menstrual cycle and how we understand it in terms of yin, yang, the five elements and the organs like the Liver, Kidneys, Spleen and Heart involvement in the cycle.

Discover the 5 Element Personality Types

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